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    Start Planning Your Northern California Fly Fishing Trip Today

    Plan a fly fishing adventure of a lifetime. Secure your spot today for a guided fly fishing trip in Yosemite, Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Parks, or the High Sierra, and immerse yourself in some of the most spectacular fishing grounds California has to offer!

    Ultimate Guide to Flyfishing California: Premier Spots & Expert Tips

    Welcome, fly fishing enthusiasts! California is one of the few ultimate destinations for fly fishing. With an array of diverse landscapes ranging from tranquil national parks to lively urban rivers, you can find a spot for every skill level or interest. Let’s start in the middle.

    Exploring California’s Top Fly Fishing Destinations: Central California

    Fly fishing in central California is an absolute treat, especially during late spring from April to May when the rivers are flowing and wild trout are active. San Joaquin River, Yosemite National Park, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks provide a range of incredible fly fishing experiences for brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout and more.

    Yosemite National Park

    The rivers and streams of Yosemite National Park are full of rainbow, brown, brook, golden, and cutthroat trout. Yosemite National Park provides a unique and thrilling fly fishing experience. Anglers can take advantage of the optimal season for this activity from April’s last Saturday to November 15th on the swift-moving Merced River which runs through the park’s southern section.

    This remarkable national treasure offers picturesque views as well – imagine yourself surrounded by majestic granite cliffs while casting your line into the clear, sparkling waters. The experience is truly unforgettable. Submerge yourself in the beauty of nature and enjoy fly fishing at its best!

    Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

    Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks are a haven for fly fishing enthusiasts. With high-altitude lakes and rivers, these parks offer a surreal backdrop for fly fishing. The variety of trout species, including the elusive golden trout, provides an unmatched fishing experience.

    The parks are dedicated to conservation, ensuring these fishing grounds remain abundant for future generations. The diverse hatches on these grounds, like the early season Golden Stone Flies and Blue-winged Olives, make it an exciting place for anglers.

    San Joaquin River

    The San Joaquin River in California, known for its diverse trout population, offers an exceptional fly fishing experience. It features accessible areas like the middle fork near Mammoth Lakes and the fish-rich South fork. Notable for both beginner and experienced anglers, the river’s diverse hatches, including Golden Stone Flies and Blue-winged Olives, cater to various fishing styles, making it a premier destination for memorable angling adventures.


    Northern California Fly Fishing Gems

    Northern California offers some of the best fly fishing rivers in the area. These waters provide a spectacular glimpse into nature and our brilliant wild trout population with Fall River, Trinity River, and McCloud, all joining forces to captivate any fisher’s heart.

    Whether you prefer the iconic views along Upper Sacramento or hunting steelhead on the Trinity River, you’ll enjoy unforgettable adventures in this scenic wilderness. Just equip yourself with your fly rod and gear and go — breathtaking fun awaits!

    Fall River

    For the fly fishing enthusiast seeking a tranquil escape in Northern California, the Fall River is an ideal destination. This tributary of the Pit River features crystal clear water with plenty of abundant hatches and flourishing rainbow trout populations that make for a great dry-fly or nymphing experience, all while offering unparalleled serenity among its picturesque surroundings. Though access to this slow-moving body is limited, it offers peace like no other as well as rewarding rewards on your line.

    McCloud River

    Fly fishing enthusiasts will want to make a beeline for the McCloud River, located in Northern California between Dunsmuir and McCloud. The river consists of two stretches teeming with feisty trout, perfect for experienced anglers looking to try their luck on an array of species.

    The Upper and Lower parts offer both dry-fly and nymphing techniques. Whatever the method you use, there are plenty of wild trout around throughout the year, so it’s sure to provide a thrilling outdoor challenge. Alongside an abundance of fish, you’ll find numerous hatches which present even more opportunities. This makes visiting the mighty McCloud River essential for fly fishing enthusiasts.

    Trinity River

    Located in Northern California, the Trinity River is famous for its fly fishing and easy wading access. It’s home to numerous aquatic species like Chinook salmon, steelhead, and rainbow trout. This makes it a top-notch trout fishery with appealing streams.

    Anglers flock here during spring and fall to catch the hard-fighting Trinity fish. Whether you’re a seasoned Steelhead hunter or new to Trout fishing, the Trinity River offers a scenic setting with many opportunities, all within one of California’s most beautiful regions!

    Southern California Fly Fishing Hotspots

    Fly fishing enthusiasts visiting or living in Southern California are presented with ample opportunities to explore a variety of great spots. The Kern River, Los Angeles River and West Fork San Gabriel River offer unique fly-fishing experiences for all anglers. We’ll start with Kern River.

    Kern River

    The Kern River, a renowned spot for fly fishing in Southern California, is popular among anglers due to its huge rainbow and golden trout as well as the smallmouth bass below Isabella Lake. The challenging conditions of this river provide an exciting opportunity with diverse fish populations that can be enjoyed by all fishermen regardless of their expertise. If you navigate your way around these waters successfully, there will be great rewards of wild trout and bass combined within remarkable natural surroundings.

    Los Angeles River

    Not for the fly fishing purist, urban fly fishing in Los Angeles offers a truly unique experience for those brave enough to try it. The thriving carp living in this concrete swamp of a river provide a powerful challenge, and while it’s far from a hot spot for traditional trout or steelhead, its waters are still teeming with bass, bluegill and many other species.

    Fishing amongst the busyness of city life isn’t our specialty, but some say fly fishing in LA is rewarding. Don’t forget about the East Walker River either. Explore these hidden gems within your very own concrete jungle – who knows what experiences await?

    West Fork San Gabriel River

    Situated in the San Gabriel Wilderness, West Fork of the River is a tranquil spot for fly fishing lovers from Southern California to take respite and enjoy their hobby. Clear waters and surrounding natural beauty together with a tricky but lively trout population make it an ideal place for anglers seeking an authentic experience of this sport. Although the fish population has shrunk due to poor conditions, people still visit here for a fulfilling day out.

    Sierra Fly Fisher Guided Adventures

    Fly fishing in California provides a varied and abundant set of opportunities for anglers. From the Fall River, Trinity River, or McCloud River located up north to the Yosemite National Park in Central California and the Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks – there are plenty of beautiful streams waiting for you!

    For a fly fishing experience of a lifetime, guided adventures with Sierra Fly Fisher is (in our opinion) your number one choice. With decades of expertise guiding various skill levels around the Yosemite area and beyond, we offer memories that will last no matter who you bring or what level of angler you may be.

    Whether it’s families, friends or individuals taking part in this outdoor activity, we have something perfect for everyone. So grab that rod and make this journey one filled with unforgettable memories! Learn more about our one-of-a-kind fly fishing trips here.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does California have good fly fishing?

    Fly fishing California is, arguably, an unbeatable experience. Its many destinations have a bounty of various trout species and gorgeous views in rivers and streams and along canyons and mountainsides. Whether beginner or advanced, fly fishing in this state will provide long-lasting memories.

    Where are the biggest trout?

    The world’s largest trout are typically found in regions such as Lake Diefenbaker in Canada, New Zealand’s South Island, Alaska in the USA, and the remote waters of Mongolia. These locations are renowned for their ideal conditions that support the growth of significantly large trout species.

    Where are the biggest trout in California?

    The biggest trout in California are often found in the Eastern Sierra Region, particularly Crowley Lake and the Owens River, and in Pyramid Lake, renowned for its large Lahontan cutthroat trout. Lake Almanor and Lake Tahoe are also notable for their sizable trout species.

    When is the best time to fly fish in California?

    The spring and fall seasons are usually the ideal times for fly fishing in California. These periods generally offer optimal conditions and the most bites, which makes them the ideal times for enjoying this activity.

    What species of trout can I expect to find in Yosemite National Park?

    Yosemite National Park is home to rainbow, brown, brook, and golden trout.

    Does Sierra Fly Fisher offer guided trips and classes for beginners?

    Yes! Sierra Fly Fisher offers guided tours and educational sessions for beginner fly fishers. If you’re looking to learn the basics of casting, fly presentation, and more, book a trip and come visit!

    Start Planning Your Northern California Fly Fishing Trip Today

    Get Started

    Plan a fly fishing adventure of a lifetime. Secure your spot for a guided fly fishing trip in Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, or the High Sierra, and immerse yourself in some of the most spectacular fishing grounds California has to offer!

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