Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks Fly Fishing Guide

Fly Fishing in Sequoia National Park - Golden Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout & Brook Trout

Sequoia National Park is just South of Kings Canyon National Park. Although they're separate, they're administered as one. The Kaweah River is the main drainage in the area. Many of the tributaries of the Kaweah are found in the Lodgepole area of the park.

These include the Marble Fork of the Kaweah, Clover Creek, Silliman Creek and Wolverton Creek. Another favorite area of ours is the Mineral King area in the Southern section of Sequoia. It's one of the very few areas on the Western slope of the Sierra with a “Drive to” Golden Trout wilderness.

Girl Fishing in Sequoia National Park

Fly Fishing in Kings Canyon National Park - Rainbow, Golden, Brown & Brook Trout

The South Fork of the Kings River becomes very accessible as you enter the canyon from the West.  Here, California 180 runs right along the river from Boyden Cavern to Roads End. For 15 miles this is some of the “Fishiest” water you will ever see. The catch rate seems to be about half and half Rainbows to Brown Trout.

The average Trout here will be around 9 inches, but we do see some very nice fish caught here every year. Brown Trout of well over 20 inches inhabit this section of the river. Other tributaries to the South Fork include Bubbs Creek and the Roaring River. Make sure you review the fishing regulations in these parks, as many of the regulations may be different from your bodies of water at home. (You can visit Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park Service here.)

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Sequoia National Park

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a fishing license to fly fish in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks?

Yes. If you're 16 or older, you need one on you to fish here. We don't provide licenses but you can get yours online here. There are one-day licenses and other types of licenses, so you don't need to pay the full price for a year.

What prices should I expect for guided fly fishing?

Generally, this can vary quite a bit. But here at Sierra Fly Fisher, for a full day at Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, the cost is $600 for one or two people and $150.00 for each additional angler. For a half-day trip, it's $475 for a single angler and an additional $75.00 for every extra angler. All equipment is provided but you can certainly bring your own gear. See more about our rates here.

What should I look for in my fly fishing guides?

If they grew up fishing in this region's abundant waters from an early age like Sierra Fly Fisher's Jimmie Morales, that's a big plus. Now leading a skilled team, he explores the West Slope Sierra waters, ranging from Yosemite's upper Tuolumne and Merced Rivers down to the San Joaquin, Kings, and Kaweah Rivers. Here at Sierra Fly Fisher, we focus on catching wild fish, emphasizing a genuine fishing experience. Based on decades of experience, if you can find guides with a similar philosophy, you're setting yourself up for a much more fulfilling trip.

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