Yosemite Rivers Fly Shop of Sierra Nevada

Yosemite Rivers Fly Shop opened in the spring of 2009. When the location opened up I couldn’t pass on it. It’s a great storefront right on Highway 41 in the town of Oakhurst. The Southern gate of Yosemite is only 20 minutes to the North. The Merced River is only an hour's drive from the fly fisher shop. It’s a great location to meet clients when running trips in this area. Not having any background in retail I’ve mostly learned what to do and what not to do by making mistakes. Very few people forget their fly rod and swing on through the shop to drop $800 on a new one. I’ve found that the $300 Orvis Clearwater outfits do much better. T-shirts, hats, fly fishing gear such as flies, leaders, floatant, etc - these sell much better.

The Orvis company has been a big help over the years. I carry more of their gear than any other. Umpqua and RepYourWater have also been great to work with. If you’re in the neighborhood, swing by our full service fly shop.

The Yosemite Rivers Fly Shop is located at 40827 Highway 41 Oakhurst, CA 93644.

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