The origin of Sierra Fly Fisher goes much further back than the 1999 starting date. Many of the men that taught me in the mid 70’s served in WW II. They’ve all moved on now but the techniques/ethics that were ingrained during those years are what we still practice today.

People are drawn to fly fishing for many different reasons. One of those being that it’s not about the numbers or size of the fish but how it’s accomplished. Unfortunately cutting corners seems to have found its way into the fly fishing world. We see the vast majority of guides doing whatever it takes to get numbers of fish for clients. That is except the one thing guides should do. Teach. Show people how to cast. How to “read” the water. Answer questions. You will not see the indicator (bobber) when you come out with Sierra Fly Fisher. You will learn how to cast a dry fly. If taking a step back and learning traditional fly fishing appeals to you then give us a call.

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