About Sierra Fly Fisher

Sierra Fly Fisher began in 1999, but the true origin goes much further back. The men that taught me to fly fish in the mid 70’s served in WWII. They’ve all moved on, but we still practice the techniques and ethics ingrained during those years.

We’re all drawn to fly fishing for different reasons. One of our favorites is this guiding philosophy:

It’s not about the numbers or size of the fish, but how it’s accomplished.

Sadly, cutting corners found its way into the fly fishing world. The vast majority of guides do whatever it takes to inflate one single-minded metric: the number of fish their clients catch.

They’ll do anything and everything to pump up those numbers. Anything at all - except the one thing guides should do. Teach.

Show people how to cast. How to read the water. Answer questions. Raise your students’ fishing IQ so they can repeat their success here in their waters back home.

You’ll never see the indicator (bobber) when you come out with Sierra Fly Fisher. You’ll wade deep into the water, and into a thrilling new world of art, skill, technique and competence.

In this world you’ll learn to guide the intuitive and flowing art of casting and instinctual presentation with the cold logic of rationale and sharp technique.

You’ll learn how to cast a dry fly. And how to perfect that cast, fine-tuning the muscle memory that fed the families of our ancestors. You’ll learn to read the water like they did; every swirl, ripple and splash a chapter in the book of the unique body of water and ecosystem you’ve become a temporary resident of.

There you’ll enjoy that elusive feeling found nowhere but here. It’s the thrill of the hunt, the mastery of nature, the satisfaction of instinctual urges to provide, but without the necessity of killing. All packed into the primal but sophisticated art and competence we call fly fishing.

This timeless ritual connects you to the long lineage of anglers who practiced this craft for centuries.

If taking a step back and learning traditional fly fishing appeals to you, give us a call.


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